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SETAC North America Annual Meeting 2022

SETAC North America’s highly anticipated 43rd Annual Meeting was held November 13th-17th in Pittsburgh, PA and virtually. After two years of virtual-only meetings, this reunion of environmental scientists and chemists did not disappoint. The week was complete with scientific presentations, networking opportunities, and even some snow flurries!

Held in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, the venue provided great views of the iconic yellow bridges crossing the Allegheny River. It was easy to understand why Pittsburgh is called the “City of Bridges” and inspired the meeting slogan of “Bridging Innovation and Sustainability.”

SETAC Pittsburgh was well attended by Carolinas Regional Chapter members, in part because CSETAC granted several students’ travel and registration funds through the Chapter’s memorial Dr. Pat McClellan-Green Student Travel Award. Recipients of the 2022 award were each from the College of Charleston: Kayli Patterson presented “Capture of Tire Road Wear Particles in Manufacture Treatment Devices, a Stormwater Pollution Best Management Practice,” Jonathan Stewart presented “Acute Toxicity Response of the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica, After Exposure to Per- And Polyfluoroalkyl Substance-Free Aqueous Film-Forming Foams,” and Jessica Wenclawiak presented “Effect of Vibrio and Microcystis Co-Exposures on Microplastic Bioaccumulation in the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea Virginica: Implications for Human Dietary Exposures.

Kayli Patterson (College of Charleston, Environmental and Sustainability Studies Masters Program Graduate)

Jonathan Stewart (College of Charleston, Marine Biology Masters Student)

Jessica Wenclawiak (College of Charleston, Marine Biology Masters Student)

Jessica was thankful for the award, sharing that it provided her the opportunity to present her thesis research on microplastics in oysters to a larger audience and to meet a wide network of scientists. She got to hear about exciting research from fellow CSETAC members, and was able to learn more about the different areas of environmental toxicology. She was grateful for the experience to travel to a new city, network with potential employers, and share her work with the scientific community. For her presentation, Jessica won an award for the Best Student Platform Presentation - congratulations Jessica!

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