• Elizabeth Medlock Kakaley

Archambault, Camp, and Gray Win McClellan-Green Student Travel Award

Two students from North Carolina State University, Jennifer Archambault (left) and Allison Camp (middle), and Austin Gray (right) of University of North Carolina at Greensboro are the recipients of the 4th Annual Dr. Pat McClellan-Green Student Travel Award.

"The Dr. Pat McClellan-Green Student Travel Award," describes Marie DeLorenzo, CSETAC President, "is in honor of one of CSETAC's most influential members. She served as vice president and president of the Carolinas Regional Chapter of SETAC, and she served on the chapter's Board of Directors. She was a faculty member of the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, North Carolina State University and worked at NC State's Center for Marine Sciences and Technology. Through her research and teaching Pat provided leadership and inspired both students and colleagues alike. Pat had a contagious enthusiasm for environmental science and education. The Dr. Pat McClellan-Green Student Travel Award was instituted in recognition of Pat's contributions to our regional society and as a tribute to her caring and supportive mentoring of student researchers."

One winner of this year's award, Jennifer Archambault, descirbes how "the award was immensely beneficial to [her] growth as a professional." She was able to learn from, and network with, professionals from several different countries who had shared interests in the specialized field of toxicological ecosystem services. At one workshop Archambault explains how she learned "to use open access tools for quantifying ecosystem services from the professionals leading that charge at the Natural Capital Project."

"We received many excellent applications and selecting only three recipients was very challenging for the review committee," comments DeLorenzo. "The level of competition for these awards speaks volumes about the quality of research being performed by CSETAC students."

"Dr. Pat McClellan-Green was an excellent educator. I was privileged to learn from her while pursuing my MS, and I was proud to represent the Carolinas Regional Chapter in her name at SETAC Minneapolis."

Listen here to Jennifer Archambault's platform presentation on native Mississippi River mussels as an ecosystems service.



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