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2022 CSETAC Presentation Winners!

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the judges for 2022! It was a huge effort, with ~80 total evaluations needed. We are excited to share below the winners of our platform and poster awards.

Platform Winners


1st place: Bonnie Ertel, The Citadel

Uptake and Depuration of Microplastics and Tire Particles in the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica: A Toxicokinetic Approach

2nd place: Sarah Orr, NC State University

Can physiological traits of aquatic insects provide clues about their sensitivities to changing salinity regimes?


1st place: Morgan Lattomus, College of Charleston

Microplastic Ingestion by Young-of-the-Year Sharks in South Carolina Estuaries

Poster Winners


1st place: Samantha Murphy, Duke University

Understanding Elemental Profiles of Elizabeth River, VA in Environmental Samples

2nd place: Caroline Moore, College of Charleston

Characterization of microplastics in particle capture devices installed in storm drains in Mount Pleasant, SC, USA


1st place: Morgan Lowery, US EPA

Robots vs. Researchers: A Comparison of Larval Zebrafish Assessment Methods

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